Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Twice As Nice Blessing...

I have met some really inspiring and motivating ladies here in blogland
I will be mentioning a few here in this post.

One of those lovely ladies "Deb" inspired this post
After seeing the really great church pew on her beautiful porch, I had to post this one & its story.

Click the link below to visit Deb's front porch. 
I'm sure she will welcome your comments about her treasures.
I love how well its written, she even includes where each piece came from, its great!

I consider reusable aka secondhand items to be *Twice As Nice* 
I purchased this Deacon's Bench from a very lovely lady name Dianne from Bel Air
All her children were grown and started their own families
Her and her husband like most empty nesters were down sizing and moving to Florida.
The history of this bench is just as beautiful as the bench itself.
Dianne's father found several of them in an old Pennsylvania church that he was remodeling.
He gave her and each of her siblings one of these benches.
What a great Daddy.
Sadly, he later passed away in 2010 at the age of 86.
Dianne said even though this bench was not in good condition
they could tell it was a beautiful piece of oak.
With the help of her father Dianne refinished this bench to the lovely state its in today.
She tried to give this beautiful piece to family, but all of them already had one,
others just did not have a room big enough.
It's gorgeous, and I feel very blessed to have it in my humble home.

It has also worked double duty as a delivery / sorting area.
But that didn't last long, as I can't handle having anything covering its beauty.
I also purchased the print on the wall, the green shelf and all the baskets from Dianne.
Plus many more items... I'll save them for another post.
The boxes remind me of clutter which brings to mind an organizing post by Dianna, she's a very motivating lady.
She covers the Lord, organizing, gardening, recipes, and so much more on her blog.

Another lovely lady is Cindy, she has quickly become a dear friend
She is such a wonderful decorator and plays the most fun games on her blog.
You should see the treasures she has found and the way she decorates with them.
So beautiful! 

Below I have one of my favorite furniture finds, as in bang for the buck that is.
I purchased 3 great looking and very functional wall cabinets from a nice couple that was relocating to Hawaii to be closer to the wife's family.
 There was so much going on when my husband and I picked these up,
that I didn't even think to ask the seller where she purchased this set.
I did ask her husband Chris how old the set was.
He said his wife had it when they met in 1998.
I don't know how long she owned them before they met.
I purchased them with the intentions of placing them in my kitchen to store my PYREX collection.
But... after we carried them in, and sat them down in the living room...
I loved how well they matched the wood flooring that hubby *&* I installed together as a team.
So they stayed in the living room.
I bought an antique table and hutch for the kitchen, so all worked out as it should.
I posted photos of them in earlier posts with my PYREX collections on them.
I think this was one of the best deals I have ever found on secondhand furniture
I love the door style, the dentil molding, all the space for my antique and vintage treasures.
They look great as is, but I really wanted them painted.
Where is Celeste when you need her? heehee
She is such a lovely painter, see for yourself at
Just wait until you see her amazing work.
filled with such gorgeous works of art.
And this multi-talented lady is just as sweet as she is creative.

Here are some of the lovely treasures  I have stored in them...

I'm actually selling the tea cup and saucer sets on the second shelf.

My Beautiful Shelley's...
These tea cups are *Top-shelf* aka My Shelley shelf.
 I just adore them
I've been so afraid I would come across a collectable I couldn't afford to collect.
I'm going to have to hunt more frequently for deals on these little darlings.

I've collected several Nippon pieces I really adore.

But I've become smitten with Nippon two handled vases as well.
I paid way more than I ever dreamed I would... shhh
But, in my defense... another collector pointed this out and just look at it, how was I to resist?!
 Oh what's a girl to do... to be continued :)

Many thanks to the lovely ladies mentioned above... you are truly appreciated.

So glad you have stopped by
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I look forward to new ideas, suggestions, requests
and even any alterations you may have made to one of my recipe posts.
So please leave me a comment and I will buzz by your blog and do the same for you.
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