Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pyrex Primary ~ BLUE *&* COLONIAL MIST

Two 1940's Tall Footed 401 Primary Blue Mixing / Nesting Bowls
Three 1950's Short Footed 502 Refrigerator Dishes aka Fridgies with Lids
* The Colonial Mist Corelle pattern was manufactured by Pyrex for Corning Ware.
Its wedgewood blue in color. *
One 475 Cinderella 2.5 Liter Casserole with Lid 
Two 442 Cinderella 1.5 Quart Blue with White graphic Mixing / Nesting Bowls  
One 444 Cinderella 4 Quart Blue with White graphic Mixing / Nesting Bowl
• I  still need the white bowls to complete the set •
#441 Cinderella 1.5 pint White with Blue graphic
#443 Cinderella 2.5 quart White with Blue graphic

Pyrex Compatibles -
Colonial Mist circa 1983

Colonial Mist Pyrex was introduced late 1983 to complement the Corelle pattern launched earlier that year.  It appeared at a time when the variety of opal Pyrex items had been significantly diminished, and the full range encompasses only nesting bowl sets and 470/480 casseroles.

No Tabletop Ware items were produced either.

Most Pyrex opal ware products were discontinued during 1986, and Colonial Mist was among them.

Multi-piece sets have alternating color schemes: white on blue, and blue on white.

White-bodied Colonial Mist items are not just plain opal glass printed with a pattern, there is an all-over white color applied to the exterior, giving a more solidly opaque appearance.

Contradicting the usual color scheme are round 400-series nesting bowls all in blue instead of alternating blue and white.

This bowl shape was available individually in open stock as well as in boxed sets of three or four.

All four sizes sold singly were offered in blue only, while boxed sets included blue 401s & 403s, and white 402s & 404s.

Open-stock bowls were available throughout the pattern's lifetime.

Nesting Bowls:
300-Series Round – 401, 402, 403 – blue, white, blue

400-Series Round – 401, 402, 403, 404 – blue, white, blue, white

440-Series Cinderella – 441, 442, 443, 444 – white, blue, white, blue

Round 401, 402, 403, 404 – all blue

Cinderella Casseroles (470 Set) – 471, 472, 473 – blue, white, blue

Cinderella Casseroles (460 Set) – 473 & 474 – blue, white

Cinderella Casseroles (480 Set) – 473, 474, 475 – blue, white, blue