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PYREX ~ Barbed Wire ~ Early American ~ Town and Country ~ Sunflower

Divided PYREX Dishes

Pyrex Profile - 
Town & Country 1963 

Town & Country debuted in 1963 and was discontinued about 1967.  
This pattern has two versions of nearly every piece.  
The original standard version is dominated by solid colors and varies a lot from set to set.  
Many pieces are unpatterned, but Cinderella casseroles and ovals do have printed patterns.
Sets in the alternative version of Town & Country are always decorated the same way.  
Each piece has a white background and a large pattern, either orange or brown, but not orange and brown.  
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Standard version, mainly solid-colored: 

Town & Country's standard product line includes an unpatterned solid-colored refrigerator dish set and 300-series bowl set, both sequenced brown, orange, yellow.  
The 440-series Cinderella set uses the same sequence of three solid-colored bowls, plus a white 444 with an orange & brown pattern.

                  Original solid-colored Town & Country 300-series bowl set.  
There is no 404.
Oval 043 & 045 casseroles and 063 divided dishes are white-bodied with a large orange & brown pattern.  
During 1966 & 1967 a selection of solid-colored oval casseroles were added to the product line.  The 063 divided dish, named "Light Yellow", and the 045 casserole, named "Orange", are the same colors as Town & Country's other solid yellow and solid orange sizes.  
The 043 casserole, named "Yellow", is a deeper golden yellow shade that does not match any other piece.
Town & Country "Orange" 045/945 oval casserole.
470/480-series casserole sets are printed with a small brown pattern that is only found on these sizes.  
Both sets use the same progression of background colors: orange, yellow, white.  
This means that there are two distinct 473s; the white one belongs to the 470 set and the orange one belongs to the 480 set.
Original 470 casserole set, solid colors with a small brown pattern.
Nesting Bowls:
300-Series Round - 
401 (brown), 
402 (orange), 
403 (lt. yellow)

440-Series Cinderella - 
441 (brown), 
442 (orange), 
443 (lt. yellow), 
444 (orange & brown pattern)
Cinderella Casseroles (470 Set) - 
471 (orange), 
472 (lt. yellow), 
473 (white)

Cinderella Casseroles (480 Set) - 
473 (orange), 
474 (lt. yellow), 
475 (white)

Oval Casseroles - 
043/943; 045/945 
orange & brown pattern

Divided Dish - 
orange & brown pattern

Oval Casseroles - 
043/943 ("Yellow"); 
045/945 ("Orange")

Divided Dish - 
063/945* ("Light Yellow")

Refrigerator Dishes - 
501 (brown), 
502 (orange), 
503 (lt. yellow)
- Although catalogues and packaging state that a covered divided dish is a 963, neither the lid nor the dish is marked this way.  
The dish itself is an 063, but this number only appears on examples made during the mid 1970s.  
Its lid is a plain clear divided 945.     
Alternative version, always white-bodied:  
It seems that Town & Country's alternative version was often marketed through catalogue companies rather than the usual retail store setting.  
Each piece is decorated with the same design, printed in a single color, either orange or brown.  
Oval casseroles and divided dishes with an orange and brown pattern belong to standard Town & Country instead.
Town & Country's alternative 300-series set, white with large orange or brown patterns.
In the alternative version, 300-series round bowls, 440-series Cinderella bowls and 500-series refrigerator dishes all have white backgrounds and alternate brown patterns with orange patterns.  The 480 casserole set is similarly decorated, but it seems a 470 set was never offered.  
Oval 043s and divided 063s in this version have a large brown pattern.  
The 045 casserole also seems to be absent.

A chip & dip set combined 
a 441 & 444 with a metal bracket.  
They're the same as the bowls in the 440-series set.  
Although a 404 does exist in this version, 
it was not part of a 400-series set.  
Instead it was sold singly as a casserole, 
with a 626 lid and a cradle.  
It has a brown pattern, so it does not fit the alternating color scheme of the other three bowls.
Additional items marketed alongside the alternative version include an 024 casserole with a large brown pattern, and Pyrex coffee carafes with a gold design, available in 8 cup and 10 cup sizes.
Nesting Bowls:
300-Series Round - 
401 (brown), 
402 (orange), 
403 (brown)

440-Series Cinderella - 
441 (orange), 
442 (brown), 
443 (orange), 
444 (brown)

Chip & Dip - 
441 (orange), 
444 (brown)
Round 404 (brown) - with 626 lid

Cinderella Casseroles (480 Set) - 
473 (brown), 
474 (orange), 
475 (brown)

Oval Casserole - 
043/943 (brown)

Divided Dish - 
063/945‡ (brown)

Refrigerator Dishes - 
501 (brown), 
502 (orange), 
503 (brown)

Round Casserole - 
024 (brown)
‡ - Although catalogues and packaging state that a covered divided dish is a 963, 
neither the lid nor the dish is marked this way.  
The dish itself is an 063, but this number only appears on examples made during the mid 1970s.  
Its lid is a plain clear divided 945

Pyrex Profiles - 
Early American circa 1962 

Available until 1971, this pattern was introduced in stages, not presented all at once.  
It first appeared in early 1962 with 043 & 045 oval casseroles and an 063 divided dish.  
A chip & dip set and 440-series Cinderella bowls became available in 1963.  
The remainder of the product line arrived during 1965 & 1966.

440-series bowls and 470/480 casseroles alternate between gold on brown and brown on white.  Divided dishes exist in both color schemes, but 043s & 045s are always gold on brown.  
All 400-series bowls are brown on white.  
This is also true of 501s & 502s, but the 503 is the only size with a white pattern on brown.

A chip & dip set is comprised of a 441 & 444, both are gold on brown, so this 441 is unique.  
In 1965 a coffee set debuted with a 12 cup Pyrex carafe and six 1410 mugs.  
Although the eagle's pose is different than usual, this set was definitely advertised as Early American.