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Elegant Vintage Crystal

Hi There, today I am sharing my collections of...
Candlewick made by Imperial Glass Company
Orchard Crystal Party Sets made by Hazel Atlas
Both patterns have a very elegant glass bead design.

1 Deep Round Divided Dish
2 Round divided 2-part relish dishes with S-shaped divider.
8-1/2 inches in length
5-1/2 inches in width
1-1/2 inches in height
7-1/2 inches including handles
8 1/4 inches from edge of handles

I recently added these lovely additions
An oval S-style divided dish
with Rogers utensils in their original box
& dish with original Imperial Glass Company sticker.

Mayonnaise set
Set includes a bowl, an underplate, and a beaded crystal scoop-style spoon.
5-1/2 inches in diameter
2 inches in height.
7-1/2 inches in diameter with handles

I have two glass spoon
One with three beads
6-inches long
3/4 inch deep
Mouth opening is 1-1/4 inches
One without Beads
5 inches long
Scoop is 3/4 inches deep
Mouth opening is 1-1/2 inches in diameter
Open Footed Sugar, pictured in center.
3-1/2 inches in height.
2 Boopie Sherbets
3 1/2" tall
3 5/8" wide across the top.
Vintage Hazel Atlas Orchard Crystal Snack / Luncheon Set
They were very popular during the 1940's and early 50's... *&* Still are today.
10.75 inches with handles
6 inches across
1 inch deep.
They really thought of every detail when designing this set.
There are three segments for food, drink cup and condiment.
Perfect for Sushi.
One of the smaller segments doubles as an ashtray.
I would much rather fill that section with a dessert
And use the built-in groove area for chopsticks, spoon or fork rest. ;)

I have to add a quick note about shipping these plates.
They do not ship well, especially stacked on top one another.
Or you will probably receive this...
They need 3 layers of good quality bubble wrap, plus cardboard in between each plate
*&* stack them on their sides.
Do not lay them flat.

I recently purchased a set of 8 on eBay to add to my collection
They were shipped in two boxes, every plate was broken during shipment
Yet all the cups and other items arrived intact.
One layer of bubble wrap and a few packing peanuts is not enough.

Luncheon Tea / Coffee Cups have angular bases (square off at the bottom) and beaded handles.
Cups Measure
2-3/4 inches in height and 3-1/8 inches in diameter not including handle.
Luncheon Plates
10 inches in length
6-1/4 inches in width.

There are manufacturing marks to the pieces
as well as some general surface ware due to age and use
but nothing that takes away from their beauty or function of use.
Anchor Hocking was started in 1937.
The design has been called Berwick, Burple, Boopie and Inspiration.
It has also been confused with Candlewick.

What is the difference between Boopie and Candlewick?
Boopie has the joined glass balls, where Candlewick balls are separated.

This Sherbet Dish is a Boopie - Its made by Anchor Hocking.
The small underplate / saucer is Candlewick,
it was made by Imperial Glass Company.
Look how the balls are separated.
It has a much more delicate look.

I have read Boopie glass came in three colors in addition to the clear crystal...
Amber, Green and Ruby.
Imperial Glass Company was started in 1901 by a former riverboat captain named Edward Muhleman, who also had many years experience in the glass industry.
He decided to build his new glass factory in Bellaire, Ohio
(also known as "Glass City") close to the river.
It took three years of planning and building before they were ready to start production, and just a few months into 1904, they were a major force in the glass industry.
Imperial started with all of the usual pressed glass household items and ventured into carnival glass in 1909.
The first series of Candlewick were put into production in 1920, and were formally introduced at the Wheeling Centennial Celebration in 1936.
This is a Gorgeous Covered Dish

The Candlewick design quickly became one of their strongest selling glassware patterns.
Production of Candlewick ran until the mid 50's.

Anchor Hocking was started in 1937 when Anchor Cap, the Closure Corporation and Hocking Glass Company all merged together.
They are still in operation today and are primarily located in Lancaster, Ohio
with one plant in Monaca, Pennsylvania.
The first glassware produced under the new Anchor Hocking name
was Royal Ruby in 1939.
The original name was Berwick and was created around 1950
but most people are only familiar with the name Boopie
(which was coined by Hazel Marie Weatherman, who in the 1970’s published several books on depression era glassware).
The best way to tell the difference between Candlewick and Boopie (Berwick) is to take a good look at the balls of glass.
The Candlewick pattern has balls that do not touch each other.
They are fully circlular balls that have a space between them.
They tend to look more fragile that way.

The Boopie or Berwick design has connected balls without any space in between.
They almost look welded together.
Subtle differences in the two designs have confused novice collectors, myself included.

If you look on eBay, you will see several listings where the seller's have listed their items and included both names, Candlewick and Boopie in their descriptions.

Their reason for doing so may be because they themselves are not sure, rather than trying to pass off Boopie as Candlewick.

Its easy to purchase Boopie thinking its Candlewick when you don't know the difference.
Take a look below...
I purchased a couple purple divided candy / relish dishes.
They have the balls around the edges like Candlewick.
Well these gorgeous smokey purple beaded divided relish dishes are not Candlewick
but rather Czechoslovakian glass.

I purchased them because I LOVE purple.
Its been my favorite color since I was a little girl.
Plus they add a nice splash of color.

This is not Candlewick either, its Orchard Crystal made by Hazel Atlas.
Did you notice the little ash tray in the corner?

The groove makes a nice resting space for silverware and chopsticks.

Cups are accented with beaded handles
The cup area of the plates also have a groove
it keeps the handle from hitting the plate.

There are Four Beads that form each Handle.

I hope you have enjoyed learning more about these beautiful vintage pieces.
Below is a good reference

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