Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dilly of a Stuffed Celery

Dilly of a Spread...

Just Look At How Pretty They Are!
I Love Depression Glassware
Especially the pieces with uranium in them
They have that "Gorgeous Green Glow"
Unfortunately, it wasn't dark enough to capture the full effect when I served these snacks.

Hubby said I can serve this to him anytime
By *this* he was referring to the spreadable dip I filled the celery with.
Then he preceeded to list off times they would be great for... while he's watching football was #1! 

They really are very good, and I've never had or even heard of anything like them.
That's because I just starting tossing in flavors that I like with cream cheese ;^)
They remind me of the flavor of my tzatziki sauce.
I first made these for my son's baptismal dinner.
I nearly didn't get photos of the platters I made.
Actually I wasn't able to get photos in time.
They were devouring the platters as soon as I sat them out.
I guess I should have taken that as a compliment, instead of being so disappointed over not getting photos of all my hard work that was spread out in such a lovely display.
I mean what's a recipe without all those great pics, right? !  <Giggles>

Anyway here it is...
This is a good family size, if you're making it for a gathering I would suggest doubling it.
They will be eating it on everything!
1 (8 oz) Brick Cream Cheese
1/4 cup Sour Cream
1 teaspoon Bon Appétit Seasoning
1/4 cup Raw Pistachio Nuts, Roasted & Ground
0.25 ounce Fresh Dill, Minced (about 1/2 Tbs fresh)
1/4 teaspoon Garlic Powder, I ran out of Fresh
1/2 (2.5 Tbs) Cucumber, Shaved & Minced
I started by pulling all the ingredients out of the refrigerator
and letting them sit at room temp while I worked on prepping the celery.
Trim the ends and leafy tops off the celery.
Rinse and thoroughly dry the celery.
Important step
Slowly snap the celery
What I mean by snap is bend it until it literally snaps!
You will see all those chewy strings connecting the celery.
You know those part of celery that gets stuck between your teeth, ick!
Well, we don't want them. Pull those off!
If you work gently and slowly, you can remove all of those pesky strings. (See photos)
Don't worry, no one will look under there ;^)

Now, heat a dry skillet over medium-heat
Yes, dry. No oil, sprays or fats of any kind. 
Toss in the raw shelled pistachio nuts
It will only take 2 to 3 minutes to toast them
Remove from heat, place in a mini food chopper.
Grind into crumbs.
Place cucumber and dill in to the mini chopper, and mince.
In the bowl of a stand mixer add cream cheese, sour cream, garlic powder,
Bon Appétit, nuts, dill and cucumber.
Whip until fluffy.
Scraping down sides as needed with a rubber spatula.
I love the texture, it's not thick and dense like a brick of cream cheese.
The sour cream and electric mixer make it just the right amount of light and fluffy.
Once it's refrigerated it will become thicker once again.
Stuff celery sticks using a wide spreader / spatula.

I used the serrated edge of the spreader to make a grooved pattern
 as seen in the photo below.
Once stuffed, I cut them into 2 1/2 inch bite size pieces
The OCD in me made me get out my mini tape measure <Giggles>
You can cut them in to whatever size you like.

I also sliced up cucumber and thin strips of celery
for those with special diets who can't have a lot of dairy.
This way they could dip the pieces.

I put some dip into shot glasses and garnished with a sprig of celery leaves.
Oh SO Cute!
And its a cleaver useful way for non-drinkers to get use of those dusty shot glasses. 
I placed the celery in my gorgeous green depression relish trays
then dressed them up with the following 
Celery Leaves
Curly Parsley
Cucumber Slices
Radish Roses
Yes, I butchered them, but hey, I tried :^P

Set out other veggies, pita chips and pretzels for dipping.
We really enjoy those pretzel chips.
The texture of this dip spreads easily on to crackers, pumpernickel bread, and toast points as well.
I recommend Keebler Club crackers, Ritz crackers, Chicken in a Biscuit crackers and Wheat Thins.

If you don't have Bon Appétit, use celery salt and onion powder.

This is one of those recipes you can use fat free and light without missing flavor.
Just be sure to use a good quality brand.

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