Sunday, June 8, 2014

Black Snowflake Pyrex

Black Snowflake PYREX Casserole

Gifted By... You Guessed it *AR*

Thank You AR, I love it!

Snowflake (Charcoal) By PYREX

Black with White Snowflakes

Manufacture Status:
AR shipped TWO Black Snowflakes via USPS
VERY Sad to Say... Only ONE Survived the Trip.

Plastic didn't even survive  o.O

As you can see she used the BIG bubble wrap.
As you can also see bubble wrap is no match for USPS carriers :(
I wish I was good at Mosaic Art.
I would make something with what was left.

Uranium Depression Glass Sugar Dish...
Yet Another Causality.
It was chipped, cracked *&* one handle broken completely off.
Such a shame, what little care these carries give to us shippers.
If we didn't ship through USPS, 
these same carriers would be out of a JOB.  
:'( This Poor LiL Guy, I almost cried when I found him in pieces.
This may sound silly but...
I had to piece this poor Rooster back together to see him in all his glory.

I don't know how but...

they managed to brake almost every piece that was in the box.

Even plastic canisters. 
They were literally shredded!

What, Really, WHY?!

The USPS needs to install cameras in their vehicles and sorting facilities.
Weed out the workers who obviously hate their job.
AR being AR immediately went on a treasure hunt for a Black Snowflake replacement.
She found a black *&* a turquoise as well.
I hope I haven't jinxed her/me by saying that before they've been shipped.
Fingers crossed they will arrive intact.
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