Saturday, May 3, 2014

Pyrex Crazy Daisy aka Spring Blossom Collection

Below are some photos of my collection of 
Crazy Daisy Spring Blossom Pyrex Dishes.
I personally find this to be the most fun design Pyrex manufactured.

I have added more to this collection since I started this blog.
Once they have all arrived, I will photograph them and add details.

Okay, so my Pyrex Passion might lean 
a l-i-t-t-l-e more towards an obsession :P

Eventually I will place their lids on them
stage, take more photos, then post.

They are sooo cute! !

There's a story, well more of a lesson learned with this set of
Cinderella nesting bowls.
I purchased them on ebay, unfortunately it was from a dishonest seller.
There's a chip on the rim of the largest white
2 1/2 Quart 443 bowl
*&* an area on the green bowl where the paint has been scratched off.

The seller's description advertised as excellent condition, no flaws or damage.
I did not notice the chip or scratched off paint in her photos until after I received the set.

I also did not know about ebays buyer protection policy that protects us
against sellers like her.
I found out after the 45 days ebay gives to report the issue.
Too late for me on this set, yes
But I wanted to bring this issue to everyone else's attention
incase you plan to buy off ebay.

Open a case - File a claim
Let ebay know the seller falsely advertised their merchandise.
If I had done so within the 45 days ebay would have surely
fully refunded my money
 *&* made the seller pay the return shipping.
Anyway, its still a beautiful and cheerful set.
Which I plan to keep, I'll just replace the chipped bowl.
So all ends well, eventually ;^)