Thursday, July 24, 2014

Such a terrible time for this to happen after being featured on Cindy's Lovely Blog

I am actually posting this a as test, I want to see if it will actually post on to my blog.
I've been trying since yesterday evening to post a recipe of the really fabulous pork chops with peach cognac sauce we had at last nights dinner.
I am able to upload photos to blogger, however, I am not able to apply them to my recipe post. 
I've tried both JPG and PNG files, neither will apply to the post.
I even restarted my computer thinking it might fix the issue.
I don't know if anyone else is having these issues with blogger,
I'm not sure how to fix the problem..
I'm hoping if this one posts, I may be able to go back to edit, add a photo and update.
Then maybe that will fix the problem I'm having.
To be continued.

I signed out of blogger than back in.

As you can see, the post did in fact make it on to my blog
But... I am still not able to get a photo to apply to it.
When I go into add a photo / select a file area...
Where it offers the following options
From this blog
From Picasa Web Albums
From your phone
From your webcam
From a URL
It keeps letting me upload a photo, But... then it will not allow me add it.
It won't even re-apply photos that are already on this blog.
It freezes up and won't even close after I click on cancel or the X in the top right corner.

If anyone has any advice, suggestions I would be very grateful.
In the meanwhile I will search around for someone to contact for technical support.

Thanks so much and Have The Best Day Ever!