Saturday, June 14, 2014


Wisdom of Recipe Sharing...
coming from personal experiences
Always be kind enough to share
There are folks who covet family recipes, those who won't share for anything!
But, it has been my experience that sharing recipes has brought me good karma
How you ask?...
Well, its just always a good thing to share
I even share with those who only communicate to ask for a recipe
As well as those who I have given my own personal creations to
Only to have those same people say
they didn't know where the recipe was when I told them I missed place it
And you know what...
I still share with them to this day
Why you ask?...
Well, #1 is because...
My Father taught me how important it is to never let anyone change you
I make up dishes by just throwing this and that together
If I hadn't taken the time to share them when someone asked
I wouldn't have them documented (emails/online/text) today
I can't count the times I have missed placed a recipe I made up on a whim.
I come from a long line of amazing cooks
I love sharing our recipes with *everyone* to enjoy and love
because when my family is gone
I want those treasured recipes to be remembered and live on...
how some people are very ego fed
having something that is *just theirs* or is *better than yours*
is what's most important to them
A lot of people feel their version of something is the best!
Therefore it becomes their "claim to fame", their celebrity, their attention getter
Its as if they fear giving the recipe out, would make people no longer want or need
to come to their home and parties to enjoy that food
I've had that experience myself, too many times actually
And from family and friends... its terrible
A sibling made a lovely coconut cake over 10 years ago that my husband and I really enjoyed
Still to this day she refuses to share the recipe with him
Not even with ones own bloodline? Come now.
And a parent who made Fried Chicken, Potato Salad and Peanut Butter Fudge
Which my husband so loved and deeply missed
Luckily I was blessed with a very giving father in law 
Who shared his famous and delicious Shrimp Salad recipe with me
He picked up all the ingredients, invited me over and taught me step by step!
How great was that!?!
Let me tell you
it was one of the best and most memorable food experiences I have ever had
Back to the Potato salad...
I preferred the potato salad recipe I grew up eating
As I'm sure most everyone does
My mother was one of those cooks who ran you out of her kitchen
Especially when she was making her spaghetti
she could never give recipes out because she didn't measure anything
sadly one couldn't learn from watching because she didn't allow anyone to cook with her
I had the same not measuring issue when a coworker of my husbands
from the firehouse asked for my meat loaf recipe
So I made sure to measure as I was pouring / scooping / etc.
Worked great!
Now I am able to share my sweet southern meat loaf recipe

Making the Best of it...
Gratefully I did manage to created a potato salad that people request the recipe for 
I used similar ingredients as my mother used
and I added them to suit our taste buds
As well as developing my own secret techniques 
that I will share when I post the recipe
My husband and I actually prefer this recipe to those we grew up eating
Recreating History...
Although it was a bit difficult and I used different ingredients
I did duplicated the taste and texture of the peanut butter fudge
Later on I even managed to get the original recipe from my hubby's second cousin 
The recipe originated from my husbands Grandmother
Working Together...
My husband and I have came up with a very tasty fried chicken recipe
I plan to share all of these recipes and many more.


Please don't leave your children behind wishing they still had that piece of the past you created
Don't let your creations be gone forever
Let your loved ones enjoy your best dishes now and long after your gone
Allow them to lovingly remember You as they eat your amazing food creations!


Planning Ahead...

My son is only 10 years old,
I am already working on a cookbook as a wedding gift for his future wife
Share the Love...
For me the whole point of cooking is to share the wonderful experience
I love baking and cooking
I love inviting people who make me happy over to enjoy the food with me
Sure, I like to receive the Oooh and Ah's over something new and amazing I've created
But most of all... I like sharing, I deeply enjoy making others happy.
I personally do not understand the mentality of those who do not want to share *their* recipes
whether I create and cook it or not, food brings people much joy
share the happiness and share the knowledge
Personal Recipes 
I am putting all my famous/signature/family recipes online
I originally created this site to share my PYREX collection
Now I'm also sharing Recipes I cook in them :^)
And others are more than welcome to share their recipes here as well
Some people think its rude to leave your recipe as a comment on someone else recipe blog
I do not
I appreciate them
You may have an ingredient or technique I haven't added or even though of
Everyone Should Share
Even those who are making a living with their recipes
such as a restaurant, I just don't see the logic of not sharing
I actually go out of my way to eat at restaurants who share recipes
Very similar copycat recipes will always exist anyway
Nay Sayers...
To those who say there are some family recipes that are so special
that people just don't like to share, or its their "signature dish"
That it is up to the individual, if they want to share a recipe or not
And those saying if it offends you, than *you* are being *too sensitive*

Consider this...
What would be said if your God should ask for that special recipe?

I have to ask... If God/Jesus asked for a recipe,

would he be told he was too sensitive and he needed to go build a bridge to get over it?

Moral of the story...
Be Kind and Share Folks, God is watching.

Anyone looking for recipes (not posted) is more than welcome to ask me, I'm honored to share.


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I look forward to new ideas, suggestions, requests
and even any alterations you may have made to one of my recipe posts.
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