Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Style House Brocade China

Since I am up (way too) Early This Morning
"Good Morning"
I Decided to Finish Writing My Recipe
Post The Photos I Took of This China Set A Couple of Days Ago

~Beautiful China Set~
This 56-pc set was gifted to me almost 25 years ago
Though this set may have lost its sentimental meaning over the years
It certainly has not lost any of its Beauty!
I really only used this Gorgeous set for Special Dinners 
I haven't used them in more years than I care to admit
So, I'm going to end up listing it online and let them go to a new family
who will love them and hopefully get many years of wonderful use out of them

There is A Quiet Elegance to The Gorgeous White on White Scrolling Floral Vine Design
With A Double Edged Silver Trim
I Believe This Set Was Made in 1953

Ah, All The Lovely Tea Parties!
13 Tea Cups and Saucers ~
4 inches from Rim to Handle and 3 1/2 inches Deep
6 inch Round Saucer
2 Creamer Pitchers ~  
5 inches from spout to handle and 3 1/2 inches Deep
1 Covered Sugar Bowl ~
4 inches Round and 3 1/2 inches Deep
Eight 8 inch Salad Plates
Closeup of the Gorgeous Details in this pattern
Eight 8 3/4 inch Round by 1 1/2 inch Deep Soup Bowls 
Large Salad / Vegetable Bowl in center

One Large 10 1/2 inch Round by 3 1/2 inch Deep Salad / Serving Bowl
Very Nice Size
This Set is too Beautiful to sit without being used 
Eight 10 1/4 inch Large Dinner Plates
One Large 14 x 10 inch Oval Platter
My First use of this set was a Mother's Day Dinner for My Mother-in-Law
I was barely out of my Teens, I had only been cooking for 5 years at the time...
What a gracious dinner guest she was ;^)
Coordinating Large 12 inch Round Platter
I hope you have enjoyed viewing this set as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you
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