Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Treasures From A Very Dear Friend...

Treasures from Miss Mary
Let me first share how I met Mary
Mary and I both joined the same collectors club
I complimented Mary's lovely jewelry collection
(Mary makes and repairs jewelry
She even makes pieces using vintage beads)
Mary complimented my depression glass collection
We eventually began emailing on a regular basis
I've made lots of wonderful friends there
Although My Dear Friend Mary and I are each from different coasts east/west we still bonded
I was so happy this morning when the postman came to my home
carrying a package filled with so many wonderful treasures from my dear sweet friend Mary
Her package arrived with "perfect pick me up timing"
(I was an hour into dealing with technical support for my laptop)
It's so refreshing to know true kindness still exists
I was so thrilled opening and sifting through all the lovely treasures Miss Mary had packaged so nicely
First thing my hand reached in and found was a book
Yay, a depression glass book!!
And its signed by the Author
I was so thrilled!
Best of all were the little handwritten notes throughout the book
It felt like Mary was here browsing the pages with me and pointing out her favorites.
How great is that? !
I reached back in and pulled out a bright and cheerful orange bag
inside was a very lovely necklace with a bird on the charm

 Mary and I are both bird lovers

This beauty has Flourite gemstones
(Known to have amazing healing properties)
How very thoughtful of her

Then I found a cute letter
Which I read and had alittle chuckle

Then I continued onwards through the treasure box
One lovely item after another made its way into my hand
and out of the box

Darling depression glass footed sherbet dish
Pink Royal Lace by Hazel Atlas Glass Company

Yes, I did look it up in the fantastic book Mary sent
A very lovely crystal and silver candlestick holder... love it!
This beauty will be in my dinning room with the Antique China

A silver dish with lemon scented vegetable soap
wrapped together with a pretty pink bow

And... yes,  you guessed it PYREX
Yay A Lovely yellow fridgie *with lid*
Bright and shinny & No Chips
SO, very happy <smile>

It is such a fantastic feeling when you meet someone who appreciates your friendship and treats you with kindness

Thank you so much Miss Mary,
For all the wonderful favorites you gifted to me
I love them and you my sweet friend

It's truly inspiring how so many of us collectors
take time out of our day to day lives to show one another
we are thinking of them and we care
by gifting goodies
How special that is
I'm very grateful to have a shared interest
bring such special people into my life
So glad you have stopped by
I love to read comments from folks visiting me in blogland.
I look forward to new ideas, suggestions, requests
and even any alterations you may have made to one of my recipe posts.
So please leave me a comment and I will buzz by your blog and do the same for you.
Come Back Soon
*&* Often
You're Welcome Anytime!
Aim ♥
        Have The Best Day Ever!