Tuesday, August 5, 2014

White Milk Glass

My milk glass collection consist of just a couple of pieces
Until lately, that is...
I've been on a huge White Milk Glass kick.

Diamond Cut
From both
E. O. Brody Company, Cleveland, Ohio
Fenton Art Glass Company
Below are some references for Fenton
Which means I also had to decide which pieces from my other collections had to go to make room
I've decided to open an Etsy shop.
I'm still working on it, there's a lot involved. 
Picking which pieces to sell
Researching the history of each piece
Documenting the condition of each piece
Lots and lots of photographs
Resizing (for quicker uploads)
Then Listing all the items
Etsy seems to have more to fill out in order to list, than eBay does.
I'm hoping Etsy will be a good fit for me and my items.

I would love to learn opinions, and tips about eBay *&* Etsy
Anyone willing to share your experiences?
Thanks so much.

I will update this post once all the pieces arrive.
Providing they arrive still intact
The USPS has had a very bad track record over the past couple years of deliveries.
Funny how the box is dented in right on the Fragile stamp
They have delivered a lot of shattered vintage glass.
I don't know how the Brody vase and Candlewick Tea Cups Survived.
Because unfortunately all the Candlewick Luncheon Plates beneath were shattered.
Strangest thing, the Hazel Atlas Candlewick Luncheon Plates from both boxes arrived broken
While the Federal Glass Homestead Luncheon Plates
None of the tea cups (total of 12) from the two sets were even scratched. Amazing.

A single layer of bubble wrap and a small amount of packing peanuts just wasn't enough to protect the heavy plates during shipping.
Such a shame the seller didn't add cardboard between the plates.
Especially since you can pack up to 70 pounds in priority boxes.
The extra weight from the cardboard would not have caused any additional fees.

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