Monday, August 11, 2014

Buyer beware

This rare four section relish green depression glass is SO beautiful.
Most of the vintage relish dishes have two and three sections.
This beauty sits in a very elegant silver handle frame.
Another eBay purchase.
This precious serving dish has a few scratches / wear marks and a couple tiny chips on one edge, one underneath the edge but that is hard to see.
Its still in usable condition and the marks do not take away from its beauty.
I respect that the seller was forthcoming about it.
The green glass itself is heavy
I believe the silver metal frame, is aluminum.
Such a stunning substantial piece, I will proudly display it in my uranium collection.
The piece was just too beautiful not to buy
Plus the frame alone was worth the price.
I consider it a privilege to own such lovely creations of the past.
I wish they still made pieces with such beauty and quality.
Here's another Bella aka Beautiful treasure in my life...
Take time to smell the roses & be grateful for all the beauty in life.

Speaking of Beautiful Treasures in Life...

The world lost a wonderful man today...  Mr. Robin William
A great comedian and actor who brought so much laughter to others.
May your soul enter heaven and you find the peace you so deserve.
God Bless You Robin Williams
You will be gravely missed.