Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hanging in the kitchen with my hubby

Real quick...
I did update photos on my last post about Milk Glass.

I spent most of my day in the Kitchen
aka The Roost...
No, surprise there, right?! Giggles.
However, today my hubby joined me.
My hubby was in the carpenters union for many years before going into the fire dept.
Well, as I was explaining to hubby the rolling pin holder I want
he grabs my rolling pins, then put them up on the shelves in the roost.
I ended up liking the look, so he was off the hook on making me a wood rack for them.

Side by side hubby and I both cooked up a storm.
I ended up making potato salad and meat loaf on the same night "again".
This is a strange coincidence because I don't serve them together.

Meat Loaf for my son, he LOVES it so much
especially as a sandwich

Potato salad for hubby to go with his fried chicken.
I made extra sauce, so the potatoes can soak up a lot of it overnight.

Hubby was trying out a new recipe for fried chicken.
I let him use my vintage hammered aluminum Dutch oven, brave I know.
It worked out great.
Lots & Lots of Paprika and Seasoned Salt made it this color

Last thing I prepared was an old bbq baked beans recipe
Then I wrapped up all the other foods we cooked
as well as packed up the foods hubby wanted to take to the firehouse with him
I also cooked sweet potatoes, but ran out of energy before I mashed them up.
Besides all the cooking, preparing to open an etsy shop has me so busy with the items I plan to sell...
Finding Props
Photographing all the angles
Research for the write up

So please excuse my absence - lack of posts, and comments on your posts.
I will do my best to catch up once I get the shop open.

So glad you have stopped by
I love to read comments from folks visiting me in blogland.
I look forward to new ideas, suggestions, requests
and even any alterations you may have made to one of my recipe posts.
So please leave me a comment and I will buzz by your blog and do the same for you.
Come Back Soon
*&* Often
You're Welcome Anytime!
Aim ♥
        Have The Best Day Ever