Monday, August 11, 2014

I Love Green Depression Glass with Uranium in it.

Good Morning :)
I purchased a second Vintage Green Depression Glass Syrup Pitcher with Hinge Metal Lid
This one is made by Anchor Hocking... A Real Beauty, with high glow under uv light.
I'm actually posting about this particular piece because...
I want to help ebay buyers not get taken advantage of.
I was taken advantage of a lot on eBay.
Then I finally looked deeper into eBay's policies.
They have a really wonderful return policy.

A lot of sellers will try to make you think you have to return an item at your cost.
That's just not true, if they did not describe the item correctly and/or the item arrives damaged, the seller is responsible for reimbursing the...
Full cost of the item
Original cost of shipping
The return shipping as well.
Lately, I have had to point out eBay's return policy too many times.
There are too many sellers on ebay ready and willing to take advantage of buyers.
Arm yourself with knowledge and fire right back at them. ;)
The seller of this piece knew the item was damaged when they listed it but tried to say the damage occurred during shipping.
I don't know about you, but I'm not ready to deal with a fraudulent claim against our government.
Sadly, that's exactly what this type of seller tries to pull off.
They tell the buyer to take the package to their local post office and file a claim.
Well, unless there is pieces of broken glass I wouldn't even attempt that.

The sellers description stated... No chips, good clear glass.

Well, after further inspection of the sellers photos,
I noticed the damage actually was there in their photos.
It was almost completely hidden under the rim of the metal lid.

The seller covered the damages with his hand in the above photo.
Nice, huh... Not
I made sure to let the seller know I thoroughly checked the packaging *&* the box
There was no glass pieces any where to be found.

Too often it is way too hard to see damages in photos because the sellers photos are not clear.
I hope this helps a lot of buyers in their future online purchases.

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