Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Taking time to acknowledge one another.
Social media has taken so much emotion out of our interactions with one another.
Remember the good ole days when we took pen to paper to show those we cared about that we were thinking of them? I'm grateful that my dear friend Dianna reminded me. It's almost a lost art.

I want to send a very warm thank you to Dianna for the beautiful Valentine's day card.
You know the saying... God works in mysterious ways. Well, sometimes God works through us.
                    Perfect timing! ☺

I know you can no longer comment here because you have closed your Google account. But I really wanted to acknowledge your kindness and share with others. 
I agree with you about pen to paper. It still holds so much importance.
You never know just how much someone might need that surprise letter, note or card in the mail.
Yours came with precious timing Dianna, I truly appreciate you.
Much love to you dear friend, May God bless you for all the kindness you share.