Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I ❤ Seafood

A Facebook friend posted the photo below of this lovely "Michael Symon" seared scallop dish she prepared for Valentine's day.
Well... I absolutely love seafood, especially scallops.
I looked up the recipe and watched the video of him preparing it on the chew. Below is my version of his fantastic dish. My son commented it looked and tasted like something they would serve in a 5 star restaurant. Hubs and I agree. After all he is a celebrity chef. ;)
I added screen shots of his recipe below.
All three of these recipes turned out so well. We thoroughly enjoyed them.
I added garlic to my sauteed spinach.
I also roasted cherry tomatoes and added them to the dish as well.
Another love of mine is mushrooms. I made a creamy whole wheat mushroom pasta as a side. I will post the recipe in a separate post.
I wasn't sure if my son would like scallops. So, I baked a beautiful tilapia fillet for him. 
I rinse the fish, placed on a nonstick pan, then seasoned it with old bay, lemon pepper and sweet basil, then topped with 3 pats of unsalted butter.
Baked at 400° for about 18 minutes.

Below is Michael Symon's recipe for seared scallops, and photos of his creation on the chew. 
I can tell you from my experience, you need to have the heat very high and the scallops very dry to get a sear like his.
Even though I dried my scallops, they almost instantly leaked juices into the pan.
I did not use the Orange (zest and juice)
I had it on hand but forgot to use it. Honestly, it did not need it. But I will definitely make this again with the Orange and update this post.