Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pyrex ~ Terra ~ Woodland ~ Brown ~ Tan

Pyrex Profile - 
Terra circa 1964 

Terra is represented in dinnerware as well as ovenware & nesting bowls.  
It is different from most Pyrex patterns, with a matte textured exterior designed to mimic rustic earthenware.  
This pattern was discontinued about 1965.

The range of items was limited, and there are gaps in the sizes available.  Round nesting bowls include: 
and Cinderella casseroles include: 
Bowls and casseroles
they were sold individually rather than in sets.  
Terra was the first Pyrex pattern to use opal lids on 470/480-series casseroles.               

Terra 472 Cinderella casserole.
Dinnerware shapes & sizes are: 
9" plates, 
8 oz bowls, 
13 oz mugs, 
12" round platter.  
Terra's unusual mugs have no handles because the decoration is achieved by rotating the item, and a handle would have interfered in the process.
Terra mugs 13 oz.  
The shape of their base enables them to stack

Pyrex Compatibles - 
Woodland circa 1978

This Pyrex pattern was introduced in 1978 to complement the Corelle pattern launched that same year.  At its introduction, Woodland was already clad in the new full-color appearance that would be found on Butterfly Gold & Spring Blossom Green in 1979.  Multi-piece sets have alternating color schemes: chocolate brown and caramel brown.

Prior to 1978, it had been customary to equip certain casseroles with patterned opal Pyrex lids, but this was no longer the case, so Woodland casseroles always use plain clear Pyrex lids. 

Woodland 402 & 401 round nesting bowls. 

By the late 1970s the variety of shapes & sizes produced in opal Pyrex had been substantially pared back, so certain items were never made in Woodland: divided dishes, 664 (4 Qt) casseroles, baking pan sets.  Ovenware & nesting bowls in this pattern were discontinued about 1983, but Woodland Brown Corelle remained up to the end of 1985.

There are two different 474 casseroles, 
one does not belong to a set.  
Beginning in 1979 and through the early 1980s, 474 & 475 casseroles were packaged individually with the numbers 484 or 485 on the boxes.  
As part of a set, the 474 is light caramel brown, but if it was sold singly, its background is dark chocolate brown.  
The single 475 is the same color as usual.

At least two special sets combine Woodland with clear brown Fireside Pyrex.  
The 6-pc Bakeware Set includes: 
Woodland 403 bowl; 
Fireside 229 pie plate & four 463 custard cups.  
A Baker's Mix Set consists of: 
Woodland 402 & 403 bowls; 
Fireside 229 pie plate & 232 rectangular baking pan.

It is unfortunate that a popular reference book claims that Woodland is "from the 60s".  
That turns out to be false.  
Without a doubt, it was introduced in 1978 as an accessory for Corelle. 

Nesting Bowls:
300-Series Round - 
401, 402, 403
chocolate, caramel, chocolate

400-Series Round - 
401, 402, 403, 404 
chocolate, caramel, chocolate, caramel

440-Series Cinderella - 
441, 442, 443, 444 
caramel, chocolate, caramel, chocolate

Cinderella Casseroles 470 Set - 
471, 472, 473 
chocolate, caramel, chocolate

Cinderella Casseroles 480 Set - 
473, 474, 475 
chocolate, caramel, chocolate

Cinderella Casserole, single 
484 or 485 Set - 
474 or 475 - 
both chocolate

Oval Casseroles - 
043/943; 045/945 - 
both chocolate

Refrigerator Dishes - 
501, 502, 503 - 
Caramel (no pattern), chocolate, chocolate