Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pyrex Butterprint Collection ~ Turquoise on Milkglass

Butterprint aka Amish Collection and Farmer & Wife

Here I have a mixture of Baking Dishes and Bowls 
One 471 Cinderella 1 Pint Casserole Dish with Lids
One 472 Cinderella 1.5 Pint Casserole Dish with Lid
One 401 Mixing / Nesting Bowl
Three 402 Mixing / Nesting Bowls
One 403 Solid Turquoise Mixing / Nesting Bowl
Three 403 Mixing / Nesting Bowls 
Six 501 Refrigerator Dishes aka Fridgies with Lids
Two 503 Baking Dishes / Refrigerator Dish with Lids  
How Perfect is this gorgeous Vintage tablecloth, right?!
Another gift from AR. Gotta love her!

Thanks for looking, I hope you have enjoyed viewing this collection.

Pyrex Profile - Butterprint (1957)

Butterprint was introduced alongside Gooseberry in late 1957, and both patterns also represent the debut of 440-series Cinderella bowls.  
The standard version of Butterprint is turquoise, often with an alternating color scheme, and it remained in production until 1968.

Produced for shorter intervals, sets with special color schemes also exist, each piece having a white background instead of using alternating colors: 
Orange 440-series bowls, 
Turquoise 440-series bowls, 
Pink 470 casserole set, 
and Turquoise 470 casserole set.

Also in Turquoise Butterprint are 
round nesting bowls, 
sold in 400-series sets and 300-series sets, each bowl having a white background.  Refrigerator dish sets are also white-bodied.  Butter dishes in this pattern first appeared about 1960.

Did you know... 
there is also a white milkglass set 
with the black Rooster and Sunflower print?
They were a Promotional Pyrex in 1958

Have The Best Day Ever!