Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pyrex Primary ~ GREEN

Here I have a few mixes... Multiple shades of Green.
Avocado, Olive, Teal
The very hard to find 1960's Americana in fall colors.
These bowl feature a solid color with a white band around the rim.
I have the green and rust in 2.5 Quart
One 402 Olive Green Americana 1.5 Quart
Also pictured (center) is the 1940's Tall Footed 2.5 Quart Primary Green
The faded yet still very functional...
Cinderella mixing / nesting bowls pictured on the right
are my favorites for making biscuit, bread, pizza, & pretzel dough's in.

Pyrex Profile - Lime & Flamingo Bakeware (1952)

First appearing autumn 1952, 
these solid-colored pieces include: 
024 round casseroles, 
209/909 pie plates, 
221 cake pan, 
222 square pan, 
and 232 rectangular pan.  
More sizes were added in 1954: 
080 round casserole, 
212/213 loaf pans, 
231 rectangular pan.  
Lime bakeware was dropped during early 1956, 
and Flamingo bakeware was discontinued in 1957.
 Although most Lime & Flamingo bakeware debuted in 1952, this size 
The 080 Flamingo 8 oz casserole with 980 lid did not appear until 1954.