Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pyrex Primary Color ~ RED

Here I have the ever popular Primary Colored Pyrex Dishes.
I only a few in red...
Two 404 Mixing / Nesting Bowls
Three 402 Mixing / Nesting Bowls
Two 501 Refrigerator Dishes aka Fridgies.
It's great how they nestle into one another, allowing for MORE storage ;)
Pyrex passionate folks tend be a bit "me, me, me" types over these primary mixing bowl sets in online auctions.

Be careful shopping for these in the wild they're even more aggressive.
Myself, I like to take my time and really look around for that just right price...

You know,  the one that makes your finger hover over the place bid button ;)
Uh huh, heart pounding at the same rate it does on the treadmill o.O
Then onto that confirm button.


Ah! those last few seconds before you know if you've won...
Oh yeah, working up that heart rate now.
But so worth it for that Pyrex prize :D
Wow, what a cardiovascular workout that was!

Yay, Pyrex won!
Time to celebrate...

All that effort deserves a Homemade reward like Apple Muffins or Brownies, Right? !
Mmm, maybe a tomato sami. Yum, just as good!

The voices in my head keep saying...
oh that's a great price, and you could really use that piece.
Who do they think they're kidding,  I couldn't possibly use all the Pyrex in my kitchen. They're already spilling out of the Pyrex hutch into other cabinets in my kitchen. However, I do plan to weed thru them, honest, I do!...
But they sit there looking so dagarn cute.